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The crossroads of traditional &
modern Chinese dining

Canton Road presents modern Cantonese cuisine featuring a rich assortment

of regional specialties and signature roasted and barbecued meats.

With flavourful Huaiyang cuisine woven into the menu, this blend of Southeastern and Eastern Chinese

cuisines presents modern, innovative twists to specialty dishes yet pays homage to its defining heritage.

Traditional Meets Modern Chinese

At Canton Road, we offer a unique Chinese dining experience by giving native flavors a modern flair with its craftsmanship and presentation.

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Opulent Dining Experience

Enjoy exclusive meals or stage bespoke celebrations and choose from Canton Road’s 8 private dining rooms which can seat 5 to 28 guests. Each private dining room is named after an iconic street in Hong Kong and transports guests on a sumptuous gastronomic journey to Kowloon, Peking, Nathan, Mody, Salisbury, Admiralty, Austin, and Granville.

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